Center for Science and Innovation in Spintronics



Spintronics Fundamental Research Group

 The role of the Spintronics Fundamental Research Group is to pursue basic science and technology related to spintronics in order to discover and elucidate new principles in spintronics. To that end, researchers in a wide range of spintronics fields, such as spin caloritronics, spin mechanics, quantum spintronics, spin orbitronics, topological spintronics, and nuclear spintronics, are collaborating to move forward fundamental studies in spintronics research fields.

Spintronics Materials Research Group

 The mission of the Spintronics Materials Research Group is research and development of innovative materials realizing novel functionality required in spintronics. This group covers a wide variety of research fields, i.e. fabrication of thin films and nano-structures composed of various materials such as metals, semiconductors, oxides and molecules, evaluation of physical properties by means of ultrafast optical measurements and photoelectron spectroscopy, and theoretical analysis based on first-principles calculation. The researchers collaborate with each other to investigate new materials and the physical properties.

Spintronics Device Research Group

 The Spintronics Device Research Group aims at bridging the fundamental/materials research groups and the integration research group by creating devices that utilize novel spintronics physics and materials for industrial applications. We conduct researches to develop high-performance and energy-efficient spintronics devices including nonvolatile memories and magnetic sensors, as well as elucidating the physics that determine their performance.

Spintronics Integration Research Group

 In the age of big data and IoT, there is a growing demand for intelligent edge devices. The important mission of the Spintronics Integration Research Group is to create a spintronics integrated circuit with ultra-low power consumption while showing high processing performance in order to realize such an intelligent edge device. We will develop original and leading-edge devices, fabrication processes, and circuit design technologies, and will apply these technologies to develop high-performance and ultra-low power consumption spintronics integrated circuits. In addition, we will contribute to the social implementation of these technologies.